Paynes in the Grass Daylily Farm
2016 Daylily Catalog

Leon and Paula Payne
The Daylily Farm physical address is:
2130 O’Day Road, Pearland, Texas, 77581

Mailing address for mail orders is:
2718 S. Pine Hill Drive, Pearland, Texas 77581

Phone (281) 485-3821 | Cell phone 713-419-6661

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2016 Price List

To place an order, please print and fill out this pdf order form. Mail it along with payment to the address above.

Please note: The letters on the left margin are locations for our purposes only.

Legend: EE – Extra Early; E - Early; M - Midseason; La - Late; VLa - Very Late; Re - Repeat Blooms; Dbl – Double; Sp – Spider/Variant; UF- Unusual Form; Dor - Dormant; SEv - Semi Evergreen; Ev – Evergreen
* - Denotes Tetraploid
xx.xx Denotes that the cultivar is for Display Only at this time. If interested in a later delivery, please inquire.

S4 Aaron’s Little Whopper (Joiner99) 20”, MRe, 3.5” Yellow w/red eye, Ev $15.00
S3 Across the Galaxy* (Trimmer07) 32”, MRe, 6.25” Ivory peach Ev xx.xx
S2 Adamas* (Sta03) 23”, MRe, 6” Orchid Cream w/plum border Ev xx.xx
N Affair D’amour* (Kirch01) 28”, M, 5.5” Melon w/coral halo, Ev, Dbl $18.00
S4 A Gift for Treva* (Eller08) 26”, ERe, Pink w/cream/gold edge, SEv, Dbl xx.xx
M Alex Sheets* (Crochet06) 24", EMRe, 5.5” Orange/rose blend, SEv $22.00
K All Ruffled Up* (Carp07) 22”, EMRe, 6.5” Pink, Ev $25.00
J Almond Puff (Sta90) 23”, M, 6.5” beige, D, Dbl. $12.00
K Aly Marie* (Divin05) 19”, EMRe, 3.25” Yel w/maroon eye, Ev, Dbl $20.00
S4 Amanda’s Little Red Shoes (Eller04) 24”, ERe, 6” Rose red w/white edge, SEv, Dbl xx.xx
S4 Angel Armies* (Bell13) 30”, EMRe, 5.5” Yellow w/black eye and edge, Ev xx.xx
M Apricot Cream Truffle* (Kirch07) 32", 6" EMRe, Apricot cream blend with black anthers, Ev, Dbl $20.00
J Apricot Jade* (Sta96) 30”, ERe, 5.75” Apricot self, Ev $10.00
MN Arabian Veil* (Sal09) 29", 6" MRe, Lavender/purple w/white watermark,white edge, Sev $24.00
S3 Aussie Delight* (Smith06) 28", MRe, 6” Mauve w/lav eye, SEv $25.00
S3 Autumn Concerto* (Sta-Pierce10) 40”, EMRe, 6.5” Brown/sienna/paprika w/black eye/edge, Ev, UF xx.xx
S3 Ava Gardner* (Smith06) 34", 6" Lavender w/citron edge, MRe, SEv $28.00
J Awesome Candy* (Stamile00) 25”, EMRe, 3.5” Yel w/red eye/edge, Ev xx.xx
J Awesome Luck* (Sta05) 30",5" EMRe, Orange with red eye and edge, Ev, Dbl xx.xx
B Azure Wings* (Sta05) 41", 11.5" Orchid bicolor, EMRe, Ev, Sp $15.00
N Baby Jessie (Eller05) 18”, MRe, 2.75” Cream w/red eye, SEv, Dbl $18.00
L Backwoods Violet Bouquet (Coph98) 23.5”, ERe, 5” Lav, Ev $18.00
J Badonkadonk* (Goudeau10) 28”, EM, 5” Red w/orange eye, SEv xx.xx
S2 Bali Watercolor* (Sta02) 35”, MRe, 9” Lavender, Ev, Sp xx.xx
B Ballyhoo (Joiner86) 30”, M, 5” Tan w/brown eye, SEv $10.00
S2 Barbara Dittmer* (Mors94) 24”, ERe, 3.75” Pink w/magenta eye, SEv xx.xx
S4 Barbara Watts* (Kirchh08) 28”, EMRe, 6” Peach, Ev, Dbl xx.xx
C Barcode* (Sta08) 33”, ERe, 5” Yellow w/eye pattern, Ev $18.00
K Bayou Lafourche* (Eskine-Eskine14) $26.00
N Before Night Falls* (Sal05) 28”, MRe, 6” Lav w/black eye/edge, SEv $18.00
S2 Believe in Magic* (Smith05) 34”, EMRe, 6” Cream, SEv xx.xx
L Berried in Texas* (Payne07) 21”, EMRe, 4” Cream/peach w/red eye/edge, Ev xx.xx
C Betty Warren Woods* (Mun87) 24” EMRe, 4.5” Yellow, Ev $15.00
N Big Doc* (Kirch91) 27”, EERe, 7” Yellow w/rose halo, SEv $12.00
M Bit of Blue* (Sta04) 26”, EERe, 4.25” Cream w/patterned eye, Ev $22.00
K Black Velvet Baby* (Kinn07) 24”, EMRe, 3.5” Black, SEv $20.00
K Bluebird Butterfly* (Stamile07) 28”, MLaRe, 4” Cream w/eye, Ev $18.00
S3 Blue Winged Warbler* (Lam05) 26”, MRe, 5.5” Pastel w/blue eye and picotee edge, SEv xx.xx
S3 Blue Beat* (Sta08) 36”, MRe, 4.25” Pink w/blue eye, Ev $28.00
S3 Blue Crystal (Smith-Harry11) 34”, EMRe, 4.5” Creamy w/blue eye/purple stitching around eye, SEv xx.xx
S3 Blue Desire* (Gossard07) 28”, EMRe, 4.75” Pink w/blue eye w/rose pink edge, Ev xx.xx
A Blue Flirt (Stamile02) 18”, EMRe, 2.87” Mauve w/bluish eye, SEv xx.xx
S4 Bluegrass Music* (Smith05) 28”, EMRe, 4” Cream w/eye, SEv xx.xx
M Blue Oasis (Sal02) 20”, EMRe, 3.5” Cream w/blue eye, Ev $15.00
L Blue Ribbon Roundup (Payne07) 24”, MRe, 3.75” Cream/pink w/blue eye, Ev $15.00
S3 Blue Spring* (Sta08) 35”, ERe, 4.37” Cream w/blue eye, Ev xx.xx
K Boogie Woogie Blues (Stamile06) MRe, 2.87” Cream w/eye, SEv, Dbl $15.00
K Born in Texas* (Eskine-Eskine08) MRe, 3.75” Ivory cream, Ev $18.00
LS4 Born to Run* (Stamile07) 28”, MRe, 6” Red w/gold edge, Ev $22.00
M Breath of Fresh Air* (Smith07) 34”, EMRe, 7” Pink/orange bld, SEv xx.xx
B Broadway Legend* (Stamile07) 18”,ERe, 2.87”, Cream/pink poly w/watermark, SEv $15.00
H Brookwood Bairn (Sharp06) 18”, MRe, 3” Gold w/red eye, SEv $10.00
S2 Bubbly (Joiner89) 20”, M, 2.87” Apricot, SEv, Dbl xx.xx
M Buffalo Thunder* (Sta-Pierce12) 42”, EMRe, 7.75” Black/purple w/white edge,Ev xx.xx
S3 Butch and Barbara’s Cracked Eggs* (Agin09), 25”, MRe, 7” Yellow w/pink blush, Ev xx.xx
S3 Butterfly Cove* (Sta07) 25”, EMRe, 5.25” Cream w/red eye/edge, Ev $28.00
S3 Butterfly Mountain* (Sta-Pierce10) 38”, EMRe, 4.75” Lav w/blue eye, Ev xx.xx
N Buzz Saw Boogie* (Eller04) 24”, ERe, 6” Peach, SEv, Dbl $25.00
S4 Cajun Dreaming* (Sal09) 28”, MRe, 6” Orange/gold w/red eye/edge, Sev xx.xx
A Cajun Pirogue* (Eskine-Eskine14) $35.00
M California Girl* (Trimmer03) 25” ERe, 6” Butter yellow, Ev $20.00
K California Sunshine* (Ches85) 33”, EMRe, 5” Yellow, SEv $20.00
N Caribbean Golden Galleon (Tal97) 25”, M, 6.5 Gold w/yel thr. Ev $12.00
A Cat’s Cradle (Hager85) 38”, EMRe, 8” Yellow, Spider, Ev $10.00
S4 Celestial Empire* (Trimmer07) 30”, EMRe, 6” Rose/purple, Ev xx.xx
M Celestial Shore* (Sta07) 30”, EMRe, Rose w/violet eye, dbl edge, Ev $15.00
N Channel Cat Vernon* (Payne 09) 24”, MRe, Mauve w/yellow eye w/gold edge and mauve stripe, Ev $24.00
K Charleston Swinger* (Carp05) 26”, EMRe, 5” Red w/cream edge, Ev $12.00
K Christening Spirit (Payne98) 30”, EMRe, 8” Peach, U. Form, Ev xx.xx
K Christmas Greetings* (Sal05) 28", 6" Rose red self, MRe, SEv $18.00
K Cimarron Rose* (Sal05) 28", 7" M, Rose red with gold edge, SEv $15.00
K Citrix* (Stamile05) 25”, ERe, 5.75” Orange w/watermark, Ev $18.00
S3 Clear Mountain Morning* (Sta08) 29”, ERe, 6.5” Baby pink w/edge, Ev xx.xx
S4 Cloud Ballet* (Smith07) 30”, EMRe, 6.5” White w/citron edge, Ev xx.xx
N Coit Tower* (Sta/Pierce07) 42”,EMRe, 6.5”, Orchid, black eye/edge, EV, UF xx.xx
A Collard Dreams* (Kir99) 30”, EMRe, 5” Ev $12.00
C Condilla (Grooms77) 20”, EMRe, 5” Gold, Dor, Dbl $15.00
M Coronation Tapestry* (Petit08) 34”, MRe, 7.5” Coral peach, SEv xx.xx
S4 Cosmic Kaleidoscope (Carp06) 27”, MRe, 6.5” Lavender, Ev xx.xx
S3 Cosmic Odyssey* (Stamile07) 38”, EMRe, 5” Pink w/blue eye, Ev xx.xx
J Cosmic Sensation* (Sal02) 32”, MRe, 5.5” Pur w/white edge, SEv $18.00
J Court Cavalcade* (Sal00) 28”, EMRe, 4” Peach/pink w/eye, SEv $10.00
S4 Course of Action* (Hansen04) 24”, ERe, 7” Rose w/grape eye, SEv xx.xx
S3 Cow Bird* (Bell10) 28”, MLaRe, 7” Cream w/yellow edge, Ev xx.xx
M Crazy Arms* (Sta09) 33”, MRe, 14” Rose w/green edge, Ev xx.xx
S3 Crazy Ivan* (Grace-Smith05) 35”, EMRe, 6” Crm w/mahogany eye/edge, Sev xx.xx
A Crispy Critter* (Eskine-Eskine08), 29”, EMRe, 6” Pink/red blend w/watermark, Ev xx.xx
S1 Crystelle’s Love* (Grace-Smith04) 30”, ERe, 6” Pink w/yel edge, SEv xx.xx
S4 Cultural Bias* (Salter08) 30”, EMRe, 6” Red bitone, SEv $15.00
D Daily Dollar (Hager87) 20”, ERe, 3” Orange yellow, Dor $10.00
S4 Different Dimension* (DeVito12) 28”, EMRe, 6” Peach w/huge black eye/edge, Ev $60.00
B Dinett Sue (Bomar04) 22” EMRe, 6” Cream, SEv $26.00
B Dorothy and Toto (Herr03) 30” MRe, 6” Rose/peach, SEv, Dbl $28.00
M Double Cherries Duet (Sta-Pierce10) 20”, EMRe, 2.85” Butter/cream w/red eye, Ev, Dbl xx.xx
S4 Dragonfly Dawn* (Trimmer10) 36”, ERe, 7.5” Patterned green/blue/lavender/cranberry eye on parchment petals, Ev $35.00
S4 Dragon Knife* (Smith08) 35”, EMRe, 5.5 Orange/red w/red eye/edge, Sev $50.00
L Drop Dead Gorgeous* (Sal05) 28” EMRe, 7” Ivory/yel blend, SEv $18.00
S3 Duck’s Dark Side* (Eller08) 28”, ERe, 6” Black purple w/yellow edge, Sev xx.xx
D Ebony Lamanite (Roberson84) 28”, MRe, 4.5” Black, Ev $15.00
J Eighteen Karat * (Brown78) 25”, EMRe, 6.5” Gold, SEv xx.xx
L Elisa Dallas* (Trimmer04) 24”, EMRe, 5” Pink w/red eye, Ev xx.xx
L Eloquent Cay* (Sta06) 37”, MRe, 6” Melon blend, Ev $18.00
S2 Eloquently Edged (Carpenter04) 26”, MRe, 6” Yellow w/eye, Ev $24.00
C El Padre (Guid89) 27”, EERe, 6” Gold w/bronze eye, Ev $12.00
A Elfin Illusion (Sal93) 22”, MRe, 3.5” Purple w/lav eye pattern, SEv $12.00
C English Witch* (Salter91) 25”, EMRe, 4.5” Yellow, SEv $12.00
K Ernie’s Cajun Wit* (Eskine-Eskine08) 32”, EMRe, 5” Lemon yel, Fr $18.00
N Ethel Buccola* (Trimmer05) 28” EMRe, 5” Pink w/red eye, Ev $18.00
K Etta Hart (Crochet03) 25”, EMRe, 6” Rose/pink, Sev $18.00
N Exotic Treasure* (Sal02) 28”, EMRe, 5.25” Pink w/black eye, SEv $12.00
S3 Fabulous Black Pearl* (Sal08) 25”, MRe, 5” Lav w/black pur/cream eye and edge, Sev xx.xx
M Face the Fire* (Sta-Pierce11) 45”, MRe, 7” Red w/yellow edge, Ev xx.xx
J Fair Haven Fancy (Wall89) 24”, EMRe, 7” Yellow, Ev xx.xx
A Fairy Firecracker (Hudson84) 15”, MRe, 2.75” Orange blend, Ev $10.00
S2 Fall Frolic* (Sal02) 30”, MRe, 6” Gold, SEv xx.xx
S3 Fancy Lace* (Sta08) 27”, ERe, 7” Near white w/gold edge, Ev xx.xx
S3 Fantasy Beckons* (Eller10) 29”, ERe, 5.5” Rose pink tipped white, SEv, Dbl xx.xx
M Fantasy Fringe* (Sta-Pierce10) 34”, MRe, 5.75” Cream/orchid w/blue eye, Ev xx.xx
S4 Fashion Leader (Joiner03) 30”, MRe, 7.5” Apricot Ev, Dbl, UF $35.00
S4 Fashion Police* (Trimmer05) 34”, MRe, 6.25” Yel w/reddish eye, Ev xx.xx
O Fate Payne Memorial* (Payne10) 30”, MRe, 5.25” Orange, Ev $18.00
J Fern Stone* (Kirch07) 38", 6" EERe Red w/ orange red watermark halo, SEv $22.00
S2 Festive Fall* (Sal01) 28”, MRe, 5.5 Orange w/watermark, SEv xx.xx
B Fifth Dimension* (Stamile02) 28”, EMRe, 7” Peach cream blend, Ev, Dbl xx.xx
S3 Firecracker Parade* (Sta08) 27”, EM, 6 Cream w/red eye, Dor $50.00
LS4 Firefly Frenzy (Joiner02) 30",MRe, 8” Yellow, Ev, UF, Dbl xx.xx
S4 Fireworks Finale* (Eller10) 29”, EERe, 5” Orange w/red band/cream edges, SEv, Dbl xx.xx
L Footloose Fancy* (Sal05) 28”, EMRe, 5” Crm w/red eye/edge, Sev $15.00
J Forever in Time* (Sal96) 30”, MRe, 6” Ivory w/blue eye, SEv xx.xx
C Forever Red* (Kirchh93) 25”, MRe, 5.5” Cherry red, Ev xx.xx
S3 Free Bird* (Lam06) 26”, ERe, 6.5” Lav w/blue/purple eye and gold edge, Sev xx.xx
K Free Wheelin’* (Sta04) 34”, EERe, 9” Crm Yel w/red eye, Ev, Spider $15.00
J Frosted Vintage Ruffles (Begnaud00) 24”, ERe, 4.5” Cream w/pink edge,,Dor xx.xx
S3 Funky Blues* (Sta09) 36”, LaRe, 5” Pink w/blue eye and edge, Ev xx.xx
A Fun in the Sunshine* (Sal00) 28”, MRe, 6” Yellow, Ev xx.xx
M Gary Colby* (Petit06) 28”, MRe, 8” Coral mauve, SEv $18.00
N Gavin Petit* (Petit04) 27”, MRe, 6.5” Tangerine w/blk eye/edge, SEv $18.00
S2 Gerda Brooker* (Morss95) 30”, ERe, 7” Cream w/triple eye, Ev $15.00
N Get Jiggy* (Stamile08) 37”, ERe, 5” Cream w/patterned eye, Ev $28.00
S4 God Save the Queen* (Morss05) 30”, ERe, 7” Amethyst w/purple eye and purple/yellow edge, Ev $20.00
S4 Going Green* (Sta07) 27", 5.75" Green cream blend w/green edge, EMRe, Ev xx.xx
M Golden Illusions* (Sal00) 28”, EMRe, 6” Gold, SEv $15.00
N Goldenzelle* (Smith06) 32", MRe, 5” golden w/chevron eye, SEv $22.00
S4 Gothic Finery* (Sal09) 30", 6", Lav w/black plum eye and edge that has tendrils and teeth, MRe, Ev xx.xx
S4 Glowing Glamour* (Sal09) 30”, MRe, 7” Orange, SEv xx.xx
M Great Balls of Fire* (Harry10) 30”, EMRe, 6” Red w/gold edge, SEv $28.00
S4 Gulf Coast Apricot Ruffles* (Crainer12) 22”, MRe, 5” Apricot, SEv $20.00
S3 Gulf Coast Big Peach* (Crainer11) 29”, EMRe, 7.12” Cream, Ev
N Gulf Coast Black Eye* (Crainer12) 23”, MRe, 5.5” Purple w/black eye, Ev $35.00
J Gulf Coast Fine Art* (Crainer11) 30”, EMRe, 5.25” Pink w/silver edge/watermark, Ev $20.00
J Gulf Coast Light House* (Crainer12) 23”, MLaRe, 5.75” Rose w/watermark, darker edge, Ev $30.00
S4 Gulf Coast Miss Bea* (Crainer14) 30”, EMRe, 5.75” Reddish Pink, Ev $22.00
N Gulf Coast Pansy (Crainer11) 18”, EMRe, 2.87” Cream w/black eye, Ev $22.00
J Gulf Coast Power Wagan* (Crainer12) 26”, MRe, 7” Peach w/rose eye and edge, Ev $35.00
S4 Gulf Coast Puggie (Crainer12) 15”, EMRe, 3.5” Rose Blnd w/rose eye, Sev $18.00
S4 Gulf Coast Monkey Face* (Crainer13) 18”, MRe, 2.75 Peach w/wtrmark, orange eye, Ev $22.00
JN Gulf Coast Morning Glow* (Crainer11) 21”, EMRe, 5.25” Red/orange w/orange sepals, Ev $35.00
M Gulf Coast Rose Mary* (Crainer11) 23”, MRe, 5.5” Pink w/rose eye, Ev $20.00
J Gulf Coast Scrambled Eggs* (Crainer12) 20”, MRe, 7.25” Mauve w/ yellow edge, Ev $30.00
S3 Gulf Coast Summer Vacation* (Crainer14) 24”, EMRe, 4.37” Rose/pink blnd w/dark rose eye, Ev $20.00
J Gulf Coast Terry (Crainer12) 24”, EMRe, 5.5 Yellow w/black eye, Ev $30.00
M Halloween Masquerade* (Payne03) 24”, EMRe, 5.75” Orange w/black eye and edge, Ev $32.00
S4 Hank Williams* (Smith04) 30”, ERe, 6” Cream w/red/pur eye, SEv $18.00
B Harbor Blue (Lake61) 26”, EMRe, Violet blue, Ev, Spider $10.00
L Hearts of Fire* (Sta98) 30”, MRe, 6.25” Red, Ev xx.xx
S3 Heather Grace* (Grace10) 26”, EMRe, 6” Orange w/patterned eye, Ev xx.xx
B Helix* (Stamile02) 33” EERe, 9” Red, Ev, Spider $12.00
S2 Hillbilly Heart* (Salter01) 26”, EMRe, 5.5” Cream w/red eye, SEv xx.xx
L Hold Your Horses* (Trimmer04) 36”, EMRe, 8” Yel w/eye, Ev, UF $18.00
A Honey Lips* (Shooter07) 25", MRe, 7” Raspberry w/pink wtrmrk, SEv $10.00
A Ice Cream Emperor* (Trimmer06) 25”, EMRe, 5.5” Pale ivory, Ev $15.00
D Ice Crown (Hudson81) 14”, M, 2.75” Ivory, Ev $10.00
K I Luv Lucy* (Wilkerson08) 40”, EMRe, 10.5” Orange red, Ev, UF $18.00
S4 Imaginary Numbers (Lambertson11) 30”, ERe, 6 Cream/lavender w/blue/purple/fuchsia eye, Ev xx.xx
S2 Intertwined Entity* (Han08) 36”, EMRe, 11” Red/yel/green, Ev, Sp $15.00
S3 Into the Blue* (Sta-Pierce10) 32”, EMRe, 4.5” Cream base blue outlined in fuchsia, Ev $20.00
M Isle of Capri* (Sta90) 23”, M, 6” Lemon, Dor $22.00
E It is Finished* (Carp04) 25”, EMRe, 7” Red, Ev $20.00
S4 Jamaican Love* (Trimmer04) 18”, EMRe, Yellow w/purple eye, Ev xx.xx
B Jam Slam* (Scott05) 23”, ERe, 4” Yellow/cream w/purple eye, SEv $12.00
C Jason Salter (Sal87) 18”, EMRe, 2.75” Yellow w/purple eye, Ev $10.00
K Jelly Filled Donut* (Eller04) 24”, ERe, 5” Yel w/red eye, Dbl xx.xx
D Jellyroll Truffle* (Kirch05) 30”, MRe, 6.5” Yellow w/red halo, Ev, Dbl $18.00
B Jerusalem* (Stevens85) 28”, M, 5” Gold, Dor xx.xx
J Joyful Assembly* (Emmerich12) 24”, MRe, 6” Rose Lavender w/violet etched eye ivory edge, Ev $25.00
J Julianna Lynn* (Rogers04) 30”, EMRe, 5.5 White w/coral edge, Ev $28.00
M Jurassic Fiesta* (Sta-Pierce11) 40”, ERe, 7.5” Pumpkin orange w/orange eye/edge, Ev $60.00
K Just for Joanne* (Herrington05) 26”, MRe, 4” Red w/eye, SEv $18.00
D Kansas City Kicker* (Trimmer06) 23”, ERe, 7” Lavender, Ev $15.00
A Kate Akins* (Scott97) 21”, EMRe, 6” Yellow w/gold edge, SEv $10.00
S4 Kindling the Flame* (Grace10) 26”, EMRe, 6.25” Orange, Ev xx.xx
D King Lamoni* (Robertson81) 24”, EM, 5” Red, Ev $10.00
J King’s Point* (Trimmer04) 26”, MRe, 5.75” Coral/rose blend, SEv, Dbl xx.xx
B Lacy Marionette (Tar87) 26”, EMRe, 7” Yellow, Ev, Spider $15.00
B Lady Violet Eyes (Sal86) 16”, MLaRe, 3.5” Rose w/purple eye, SEv xx.xx
H Laura Lynn (Yancey86) 29”, EM, 4.25” Lt. Strawberry bitone, Dor xx.xx
B Lavender Dew (Spal76) 23”, M, 5.5” Lavender blend, Ev $10.00
B Leather Goddess* (Sal88) 22”, EMRe, 5.5” Gold, SEv $10.00
S3 Leslie Renee* (Sta04) 24”, ERe, 5” Pink, SEv $18.00
B Lillian’s Tough Luck* (Manning02) 28”, MRe, 4.5” Yel/pink bld, Ev $10.00
M Lilly and Petals* (Kirch02) 32”, ERe, 7.25” Peach w/coral halo, Ev $18.00
D Linda’s Magic* (Smith03) 26”, EMRe, 6.5” Pink, SEv $15.00
P Line Dancer (Payne04) 27”, EMRe, 7” Lav w/purple band, UF, Ev $12.00
N Little Gold Nugget (Herrington05) 12”, EMRe, 2.875” Gold, Dor $15.00
S2 Little Music Maker (Sta03) 20”, ERe, 3.25” Yellow w/burgundy eye, SEv, Dbl xx.xx
B Little Mystic Moon* (Sal95) 18”, MLa, 2.75” Ivory, SEv $10.00
A Little Orange Tex (Faggard85) 20”, EMRe, 3” Orange, Ev $10.00
A Little Peter Piper (Sta2005) 20", MRe, 3", Rose/ purple with darker eye and lavender bordered edge, Sev $15.00
H Little Print (Sal92) 16”, MRe, 2.75” Ivory w/patterned violet eye, SEv $10.00
S3 Little Showman (Sta07) 16", 2.75" Crm w/violet/ blue eye, MRe, Dor $15.00
S2 Little Surfer Girl (Stamile/Pierce08) 23”, EMRe, 2.5” Cream orchid w/raspberry edge around blue eye, Sev xx.xx
K London Season* (Sal95)24”, MRe, 3.5” Rose, SEv $10.00
S3 Lonesome Heart* (Sta07) 35”, MRe, Pink w/white/green edge, Ev $18.00
E Lone Star Back Forty* (Payne13) 30”, MRe, 5.5” Orange w/red eye and red/orange edge, Ev $48.00
FL Lone Star Big John* (Payne11) 30”, 10.5” EMRe, Yellow w/large red and purple feathered pattern eye, Ev, UF $45.00
L Lone Star Border Guard* (Payne07) 26”, EMRe, 6” Fuchsia pink w/lighter pink watermark and gold edge, Ev $24.00
O Lone Star Celebration (Payne08) 37”, LaRe, 8” Coral w/green throat, UF, fall $18.00
O Lone Star Daddy’s Girl (Payne10), 28”, MRe, 3.75” Ivory w/patterned eye, Ev $18.00
M Lone Star Double Wide (Payne11) 33”, MRe, 7” Yellow with pink blush, Ev, Dbl xx.xx
N Lone Star Hot Lips (Payne11) 22”, 2.75” MRe, Red w/cream edge around petals, Doraround petals, Dor $18.00
L Lone Star Longhorn (Payne08) 33”, MRe, 7” Pale pink w/red band Ev, UF $24.00
OS5 Lone Star Purple Circle (Payne13) 19”, EMRe, 4” Recurved cream with huge purple eye covering the face of the flower, Ev $28.00
L Lone Star Red Stallion* (Payne11) 32”, 10” Large green w/yellow throat ending into dark red petals and sepals, MRe, Ev, UF $28.00
D Lone Star Saloon* (Payne11) Deep fuchsia pink w/dark velvet eye and dbl edge of dark velvet and cream on the petals w/cream edge on the sepals, Ev $38.00
C Lone Star Special Tee (Payne10) 24”, MLaRe, 4.25” Pale lavender pink w/washed purple eye and edge, Ev $18.00
E Lone Star Trail Rider (Payne13) 29”, MRe, 4” Cream w/dark purple patterned eye w/purple/red edge, Ev $38.00
M Lone Star Two Bits (Payne09) 22”, MRe, 2.75” Dark yellow w/raisin eye and edge, Ev $22.00
CJ Lone Star Wagon Wheel (Payne04) 37”, EM, 8” Yellow, UF, Ev $18.00
E Lone Star White Tips (Payne13) 19”, MRe, 3.75” Rose pink w/dark red eye and ruffled red edge and white tips on petals, Ev $45.00
P Lone Star Windmill (Payne08) 38”, MRe, 9” Pale yellow, Ev, UF $15.00
O Lone Star Sweetheart* (Payne08) 33”, MRe, 6.5” Peach w/purple eye Ev $24.00
S4 Lonnie Leroy Carpenter* (Carp04) 26”, EMRe, 7.5” Coral, Ev $35.00
K Louisiana Cajun* (Eskine-Eskine08) 40”, ERe, 5.5” Rose/cream blend w/rose eye, Ev $18.00
O Lulu’s Magic* (Payne08) 28”, EMRe, 6.5” Peach/pink blend w/pink eye, Ev $24.00
L Lunar Orbit* (Payne07) 25”, EMRe, Bright Pink w/watermark and pink edge, Ev $24.00
S1 Macho Macho Man* (Sal98) 26”, EMRe, 7” Cream w/edge, SEV xx.xx
S1 Maho Mite (Herr97) 24”, EMRe, 3” Pink w/rose eye, SEv, Dbl xx.xx
M Madeline Nettles Eyes* (Kinnebrew04) 21”, EMRe, 2.25” Orange w/dark eye/edge, Sev $18.00
E Madelyn D’Ann Payne (Payne13) 23”, EMRe, Purple with blue purple patterned eye and petals surrounded by a white edge, Ev $100.00
B Madly Red* (Kirch02) 18", EERe, 5", Red with gold edge Ev xx.xx
FL Mama Sophia (Payne11) 30”, 8.5” MLaRe, Coral pink w/red eye, Ev $32.00
A Mambo Maid (Faggard83) 19”, EM, 3.25” Orange w/darker eye, EV $10.00
N Mandalay Bay Music* (Sal01) 28”, EMRe, 6.5” Cream w/edge, SEv $15.00
B Mandarin’s Cloak* (Sal03) 29”, EMRe, 6”, Rose pink w/ edge, SEv $15.00
J Mapping South Dakota (Shooter07) 30", LaRe, 5”Dusty rose/lav w/blue eye, Dor xx.xx
S4 Margueritte Pittard* (Grovenstein06) 24”, M, 4.25” Pink w/rose eye, Ev $22.00
S3 Marietta Heartbeat* (Waldrop11) 30”, EMRe, 6” Pur w/blue eye and white edg, SEv xx.xx
A Marked By Lydia (Temple94) 29”, ERe, 8.5” Yel w/pur eye, SEv, Sp $8.00
S2 Martin Blondel* (Trimmer08) 28”, EERe, 6” Pink w/red eye, Ev xx.xx
E Mary Ethel Anderson (Sal95) 18”, MLaRe, 2.5” Cream w/red eye, SEv $15.00
J Meg’s Pick* (Goudeau08) 24”, LaRe, 5” Lavender/pink w/gold edge, Sev $15.00
A Mele Kalikimaka* (Eskine-Eskine08) 21”, EMRe, Ruffled burgundy, Ev $18.00
B Metaphor (Gates83) 22”, EMRe, 5” Blue lavender, Ev $18.00
K Micro Burst (Trimmer02) 28”, MRe, 3” Coral w/red eye, SEv, Dbl $10.00
S2 Micro Wave (Trimmer05) 20”, 2.87 Coral w/rouge eye, SEv, Dbl xx.xx
B Mildred’s Endless Support* (Eskine-Eskine08) 37”, EMRe, 5.5” Pink w/rose band and gold edge, Ev $22.00
N Mint Octopus* (Sta08) 32”, EMRe, 8” Green, Ev, UF xx.xx
C Mississippi Matchmaker* (Sal06) 26", 3" Cream white w/red eye, MRe, Sev $18.00
S4 Mississippi Memories* (Sta05) 31", M, 7.5” Cream, SEv $18.00
D Mister Lucky* (Sellars95) 24” EMRe, 3.75” Red w/darker eye, Ev xx.xx
S2 Mocha to Go (Shooter07) 27”, MLa, 7.5” Bronze puple w/blue eye, Ev x.xx
A Monkey Business* (Wilkerson08) 42”, ERe, 11”, Yellow self, Ev, UF $15.00
K Moonlit Masquerade* (Sal92) 26”, EMRe, 5.5” Crm w/pur eye, SEv $10.00
C Moon Over Monteray* (Sal98) 26”, EMRe, 6” Cream, SEv $10.00
S2 Mother Duck* (Eller05) 26”, ERe, 6” Coral w/rose halo, gold edge, SEv xx.xx
J My Special Angel* (Sal99) 26”, MRe, 3.5” Cream yellow, SEv $15.00
S4 New Paradigm* (Sta08) 28”, EERe, 6.5” Yel w/burgundy eye, SEv xx.xx
S4 Noonday Dreams* (Sal06) 26”, MRe, 6” Lav w/lav/grape eye/edge, Ev xx.xx
H Nutmeg Elf (McCabe78) 28”, EM, 3” Yellow, Dor, Spidery $12.00
L Oakes Love (Han94) 38”, MLa, 9.75” Pink w/rose halo, Ev, Spider xx.xx
S2 One Eye Willie (Herrington07) 28”, ERe, 4” Lav/pink w/purple eye, Sev xx.xx
A One Step Beyond* (Benz95) 32”, M, 6.5” Rose w/lav self, SEv $15.00
S4 Only Believe* (Grace98) 24”, EM, 7” Pink w/burgundy band, SEv xx.xx
C Ono (Johnson77) 18”, EMRe, 4.375” Yellow, Ev $10.00
K Optical Art* (Sta04) 25", 5" ERe, Yellow w/patterned charcoal/plum eye, Ev $18.00
M Orange Delicious* (Eller06) 34", ERe, 5.5” Orange w/red eye, Sev Dbl $28.00
B Orange Electric* (Sta02) 34”, EMRe, 5” Orange w/red eye, Ev $24.00
J Orange Velvet (Joiner88) 30”, MRe, 6.5” Orange, SEv $18.00
J Oriental Opulence* (Sal92) 28”, EM, 5.5” Gold/amber peach,SEv xx.xx
S2 Pacific Moon* (Trimmer03) 25”, EMRe, 4.25” Pink w/rouge eye, Ev xx.xx
N Painted Pinwheel* (Sta08) 49”, EERe, 9.75” Pink w/red eye, SEv, UF $18.00
C Paris Lace (Sal88) 18”, EMRe, 2.25” Cream w/cream dusting, Ev $10.00
C Passion District* (Carr97) 28”, MRe, 5.75” Red w/watermark, Ev $18.00
C Passion for Red* (Stamile94) 27”, EMRe, 6.75” Red, SEv xx.xx
J Party Popper* (Sta04) 26", 5"MRe, Red with cream edges, Ev, Dbl xx.xx
J Pat Garrity* (Sta02) 25”, EERe, 5” Gold w/red eye, SEv $18.00
O Patricia Snider Memorial (Payne04) 28”, EMRe, 7”, Cream w/red band, Ev, UF $26.00
K Paula’s Guidance* (Eskine-Eskine14) 28”, ERe, 5” Red w/red band, Ev $28.00
N Peace Be Still* (Bell02) 24”, EMRe, 6” Pink bitone, Ev xx.xx
S1 Peachberry Truffle* (Kirch02) 28”, EMRe, 5.5” Peach w/edge, Ev, Dbl xx.xx
S3 Perchance to Dream* (Eller08) 31”, ERe, 5.5” Cream pink, SEv, Dbl xx.xx
A Pink Pajamas (Trimmer04) 27”, EMRe, 5.75” Pale pink, Ev xx.xx
B Pocket Change (Crochet85) 18”, EM, 3.5” Red w/light edge, SEv $20.00
J Pocketful of Patterns* (Salter05) 28” EMRe, 4” Lav w/eye, Ev xx.xx
N Power Lipstick* (Kirch00) 29”, ERe, 6” Red w/red halo, Ev $18.00
D Pretzel Power* (Sta00) 38”, MRe, 10” Red bitone, Ev, UF $12.00
S4 Princess Diana* (Smith07) 30”, 5.5” Clear pink, SEv $28.00
N Pure and Simple* (Salter93) 28”, EMRe, 5.5” Orange, SEv $18.00
S3 Racing the Moon* (Sta09) 30", 5.75" Cream w/lav eye and appliquιd throat, ERe, Sev xx.xx
S2 Rainbows in Heaven* (Petit09) 31”, MRe, 7” Orchid pink w/pur eye/edge, SEv xx.xx
M Rapid Eye Movement* (Trimr02) 32”, EMRe, 6.75” Yellow w/eye, Ev $15.00
S1 Random Thoughts* (Sal05) 27”, EMRe, 4” Cream w/violet eye, Ev xx.xx
P Raspberry Winter* (Trimmer99) 28” EMRe, 4” Pink w/red eye, Dor $15.00
O Ray Southworth (Travis11) 33”, 6” Raspberry red self, MRe, Ev, Rust resistant $28.00
S1 Red Suspenders* (Webster90) 32”, M, 11” Bright red, Dor, Spider x.xx
B Red Vortex* (Scott04) 23”, ERe, 4.25” Yellow w/red eye, SEv $12.00
N Red Wrangler Miss* (Payne11) 27”, 6” MRe, Pink w/red patterned eye and edge, Ev $26.00
S4 Refreshing Splash (Joiner13) 30”, MRe, 7” Pink, Ev, Dbl $45.00
C Renegade Lady (Sal90) 28”, MLaRe, 4” Gold w/red eye, Ev $12.00
S4 Richard William Haynes* (Sta07) 42”, ERe, 11.5” Pink, Dor, Sp xx.xx
B Riders of the Storm* (Sal03) 28”, MLaRe, 7”, Purple w/violet watermark and ivory edge, Sev xx.xx
A Robbie Salter (Kirch82) 24”, MRe, 3.25” Pink w/coral band, Ev $10.00
S4 Rock Solid* (Sta02) 27”, EMRe, 4.75” Cream w/plum eye, Dor $18.00
M Rodeo Clown (Payne02) 28”, EMRe, 8” Orange w/red eye, UF $30.00
M Rose F. Kennedy (Doorakian07) 29", 7.5" Green w/ purple/red picotee edge, M, Dor $45.00
A Rosie Meyer (Alexander57) 32”, EMRe, 6” Red, Ev $10.00
S2 Rosy Rhino* (Sal01) 28”, MLaRe, 6.5” Rose w/watermark, SEv xx.xx
DS2 Royal Celebration* (Trimmer99) EMRe, 12” Purple, Ev, SpV $15.00
J Royal Glory (Breeden06) 20”, M, 5.25”, Purple with darker eye, SEv xx.xx
M Santa Fe Treasure* (Scott04) 30”, ERe, 6” Yellow/peach bld, Ev $20.00
S4 Seagull’s Heaven* (Smith06) 34”, MRe, 6” Purple w/watermark and edge, Sev $32.00
M Sea of Cortez* (Petit02) 23”, MRe, 6” Pur w/gold edge, SEv xx.xx
M Seduced* (Han03) 26”, EERe, 4.5” Red w/pink edge, SEv $25.00
D Sense of Wonder* (Trimmer05) 24”, E, 5.5” Pink w/red eye/edge, Ev $18.00
M Sergeant Major* (Trimmer03) 44”, EMRe, 11” Red, SEv, Spider $20.00
P Shadow Warrior* (Sal91) 26”, MLaRe, Lav/pink w/patterned eye, SEv $10.00
B Sibling Rivalry* (Trimmer04) 26”, EMRe, 5.25” Pink w/red eye, Ev $15.00
D Sidewinder Oh Seven* (Han03) 23”, ERe, 7” Orchid w/eye, SEv, UF $15.00
K Siloam Bo Peep (Henry78) 18”, EM, 3.5” Pink w/purple eye, Dor $10.00
B Silver Butterfly (Schlump79) 36”, EM, 6” Near white, Ev $18.00
O Simply Leaves Me Breathless* (Harry12) 28”, EMRe, 8” Crm w/maroon eye/edge, Sev $150.00
S4 Sinister Mister* (Salter08), 28” MRe, 6” Coral orange w/black eye/edge, Sev $15.00
J Skinwalker (Roberts97) 32”, M, 8.5” Lavender blend, Dor, Sp xx.xx
JS2 Small Tempest* (Sal00) 22”, MRe, 3.5” Ivory blend w/red eye, SEv $10.00
M Something Marvelous* (Sal02) 28”, MRe, 5.5” Yellow, SEv xx.xx
D South Bound Odyssey* (Smith07) 35”, EMRe, 6” Coral w/eye, SEv $20.00
KL Spacecoast Butterfly Effect* (K05) 26”, EMRe, 6” Cream w/purple yellow/edge, Sev $18.00
S2 Spacecoast Child Star* (Kin02) 21”, EERe, 3.75” Yellow blend w/gold edge, SEv $15.00
S2 Spacecoast Cream Supreme* (K01) 26”, EMRe. 6” Cream, SEv $15.00
L Spacecoast Shiner* (K03) 32”, ERe, 4.5” Orange w/black eye, Ev xx.xx
S2 Spacecoast Sweetness* (K98) 21”, ERe, 3.875” Pink SEv $15.00
C Spacecoast Technical Knock Out* (K04) 32”, MRe, 4.75” Rose/black eye/edge, Sev xx.xx
S1 Spacecoast Tiny Perfection* (K98) 18”, ERe, 2.875” Pink, SEv xx.xx
KL Special Candy* (Stamile06) 32”, EMRe, 4.25” Cream w/violet eye/edge Ev $22.00
S3 Spring Chorus* (Stamile03) 27”, EMRe, 5.5” Rose w/eye, Dor xx.xx
S2 Spring Formal* (Trimmer04) 20” EMRe, 5” Pink w/rouge eye, Ev $15.00
S3 Squaredancer’s Curtsy (Payne02) 28”, EMRe, 7” Pink w/red eye UF, Ev xx.xx
M Steve Trimmer* (Trimr99) 28”, EMRe, 5.25” Yel w/plum eye/edge,SEv xx.xx
C String Theory* (Trimmer05) 38” EMRe, 9” Lav w/purple eye, Ev $15.00
S4 Storm Damage* (Hansen04) 31”, MRe, 7” Cream w/violet eye, SEv $15.00
E Suburban Nancy Gayle* (Watts04 29”, MLaRe, 6” Red, Ev $18.00
S4 Sunday Sandals* (Smith03) 22”, MRe, 4” Cream w/dark eye, SEv xx.xx
A Sunshine Prize* (Brown78) 22”, ERe, 6.25” Yellow, Ev $10.00
A Super Double Delight (McFarland78) 30”, M, 7.5” Yellow, Ev, Dbl $18.00
O Susan Elinor* (Harry08) 25”, EMRe, 6” Rose w/gold edge, SEv $24.00
C Sweet Love of Heaven* (Gra00) 21”, MRe, 5.5” Peach w/halo, Ev $15.00
S2 Tahoe* (Stamile03) 29” MRe, 5.5” Blue/lav w/gold edge, Ev $18.00
L Tequila Mockingbird* (Trimmer05) 32”, EMRe, 5.75” Orange w/red eye, Ev $22.00
S3 Tet Christening Spirit 30”, EMRe, * Peach, UF, Ev xx.xx
S4 Tet Lavender Blue Baby* xx.xx
D Tet Little Print* $12.00
O Texas Moonshine* (Payne08) 37”, MRe, 6” Ruffled yellow, Ev $28.00
AM Texan to the Bones* (Eskine-Eskine08) 32”, EMRe, 5” Yellow w/veining and sharks teeth, Ev $22.00
J Texas Sunlight (Lewis81) 28”, M, 2.75” Gold, Dor $10.00
S1 The King is Coming* (Carp04) 26”, MRe, 5.5” Pur w/lav eye/edge, Ev xx.xx
S4 The Blue Parrot* (Trimmer09) 25”, EM, 6.5” Red/purple blend w/blue eye/edge, SEv $35.00
C Thin Man* (Trimmer02) 42”, 12 Red, MRe, Ev, UF xx.xx
S3 Tigerland* (Trimmer03) 23”, EERe, 5.38” Orange w/rouge eye, SEv xx.xx
S4 Tiger on the Mountain (Carpenter09) 31”, EMRe, 6” Yellow w/purple eye, Ev xx.xx
D Time Passage* (Gossard11) 29”, MRe, 9.5” Pur w/pur eye w/white edge, Dor, UF xx.xx
A Time Window (Talbott86) 28”, MRe, 6.5” Lavender blend, Ev xx.xx
O Too Hot to Touch* (Harry13) 30”, ERe, 7.5” Crm w/red eye/edge, Sev xx.xx
N To the Night* (Kirch02) 32”, EMRe, Black cherry red, Ev xx.xx
B Touched By Magic* (Sal99) 26”, MRe, 5” Coral rose w/edge, SEv $10.00
C Transylvanian Cocktail* (Petit99) 26” M, 6” Red, SEv xx.xx
A Travis Seedling $15.00
S2 Treva Gene (Eller05) 27", ERe, 6” Cream SEv, Dbl $25.00
K Tropical Jewel* (Trimmer07) 34”, EMRe, 5.25” Coral, Ev $15.00
J True Gertrude Demarest (Spal86) 20”, EMRe, 7.5” Ivory, Ev xx.xx
J Tutti Fruiti Truffle* (Kirch07) 30”, VLa, 6.5” Pink blend w/rose halo, Ev, Dbl xx.xx
S4 Twinkle and Twist (Joiner04) 32”, MRe, 9” Rose, Ev, Sp $15.00
K Velvet Ribbons* (Stamile02) 44”, EMRe, 11” Black violet blend Ev, Spider $18.00
S3 Violet Becomes You* (Sta07) 31”, EMRe, 6.5” Violet w/gold ed, Ev xx.xx
K Virginia Little Henson* (Kirch00) 26”, ERe, 5” Coral w/halo, Ev xx.xx
A Volusian Spider* (Trimmer02) 38”, EERe, Peach w/chevron eye, Ev xx.xx
A Walking Stick* (Eskine-Eskine08) 60”, EMRe, 5” Pink/red blend w/halo and gold edge, Ev $22.00
LM Walter Kennedy* (Stamile08) 28” MRe, 5.75” Red w/darker eye, Ev $24.00
M Water Drops * (Stamile07) 29”, EERe, 5” Cream w/eye pattern, Ev $24.00
M Watermelon Martini* (Sta-Pierce10) 36”, EMRe, 6.5” Red w/green edge, Ev xx.xx
S2 Wee Wizard* (Sal92) 20”, MRe, 3.5” Purple w/lavender eye, SEv $8.00
J Whispering Pink Mist (Begnaud00) 20”, ERe, 3” Pink bitone, Dor $15.00
N Wild Cherry Roundup* (Trim03) 24”, EMRe, 5” Pink w/eye, Ev $18.00
A Wild Wookie* (Stamile02) 31”, MRe, 9” Red, Spider $12.00
K Winston Churchill* (Trimmer03) 25”, EMRe, 7” Yell w/wine eye, Ev xx.xx
S2 Wisest of Wizards* (Sal97) 28”, MRe, 5.5” Ivory w/rose eye, SEv $10.00
J Wizard’s Heir* (Sal00) 30”, MRe, 4” Lav/pur w/gold edge, SEv $10.00
S1 Wizard’s Puzzle* (Sal98) 28”, MRe, 4” Ivory pink w/eye, SEv $10.00
S2 Wizard’s Whimsy* (Sal00) 27”, MRe, 4.25” Crm w/pattern eye, SEv $10.00
B Woodland Dreams (Dye14) 38”, EMRe, 6.5” Lav w/dark plum eye, SEv $100.00
K Woods Truffle* (Kirch02) 32”, M, 6.5” Orange blend, Ev, Dbl $18.00
A Workin’ in the Garden* (Eskine/Eskine08) 37”, EMRe, 6” Cream with grape eye/edge, Ev $18.00
J Wrestling with Angels* (Emmerich12) 33”, MRe, 6” Pink Lav w/lav eye and ivory/gold edge, Dor xx.xx

Ordering Information

To place an order, please print and fill out this pdf order form. Mail it along with payment to the address above.

day lily field GUARANTEE*: All plants are freshly dug by Leon or me and are guaranteed to be true to name. Double fans are given with all orders except with the newest cultivars. If you are not satisfied with the plants, DO NOT PLANT. Return with tags attached for replacement or refund.

DIGGING AND SHIPPING: We prefer to dig in the early spring or fall but will try to accommodate you in any way possible. We advise against planting in mid summer.

SUBSTITUTIONS: On mail orders we will substitute only with your permission. Bonus plants will be given if allowed to substitute. Please include a list of possible substitutions from which bonus plants may be chosen. Substitutions will be of equal or greater value.

TERMS: Full payment with order. Minimum mail order $35.00. We are not set up to accept credit cards. Texas residents add 8 Ό% state sales tax. No foreign shipments are made at this time.

SHIPPING: We ship Priority Mail unless otherwise instructed. Shipping charge is $12.00 plus 1.00 for each plant.

Daylily field GARDEN VISITING: We love visitors. However, to make sure that someone will be here when you come, please call ahead.

LOCATION: We are located just south of Houston in Pearland, Texas. Coming from Houston: Take Highway 288 south to the Pearland exit (FM 518). Go left under the freeway and proceed to O’Day Road (approximately 5 miles) at red light. Turn left at Citco Station. Proceed .8 mile to Olin Drive. Turn left. Sales field is on the corner of O’Day and Olin.

From Highway 35 to Pearland: Take FM 518 (West). Cross railroad tracks and proceed to the first red light after you pass Strickland Chevrolet. Turn right on O’Day Road at the Citco Station. Proceed .8 mile to Olin Drive, turn left.

Please note: The letters in the margins are locations for our purposes only. If interested in other cultivars growing not listed in our catalog, please ask. We do have daylilies that are not listed.

*We would like our customers to know that we discovered daylily rust in our garden in late fall of 2001. We have followed a rigorous spray program ever since and are as disease free as possible. However we cannot guarantee our plants to be free of rust. Unfortunately a plant can be infected and not show any obvious signs. We are state inspected.

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